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Duvel - Launching Duvel 666

Launching Duvel 666


Duvel - Satisfaction
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Succesvolle introductie

Andy Van Hassel

Duvel - Andy Van HasselAs Global Marketing Director at Duvel Moortgat, Andy is very passionate about people, branding, and marketing. With a focus on creativity, emotion, and efficiency he works together with his great team of intrapreneurs in building the strong brands Duvel, Chouffe, Vedett, Liefmans, Maredsous & De Koninck on a national as well as international scale. He started on the Vedett brand in 2006 and experienced the growth of the company from a Belgian scope towards an international one, growing into different marketing positions over time. He started his career in the advertising industry on the commercial account side, working for 7 years in some of the top leading international advertising agencies on different A-brands. Mens sana in corpore sano, this is what he puts into practices at 5 AM in his CrossFit gym as well as on the hockey field as a coach on the weekends.

John Israel

Satisfaction - John IsraelJohn grew up in the fields of fashion, art, advertising, & music. He began his career as a music artist, and in parallel evolved in the marketing & advertising worlds. He is the founder & creative director of Satisfaction, a creative advertising agency in Brussels. He's also the founder of Volga beer, & a film director for well-known production companies like Caviar and Zauberberg. His key strengths are a "creative mind" and a Global Brand making expertise, with significant results in the ready to wear, fashion, digital, telecom, beverage and music, industries. Having built brand platforms for Lee Jeans (EMEA/AP), Eastpak (EMEA), Duvel (WW), Cointreau (WW), Provamel (Danone), Metaxa (WW), Bridgestone (EMEA), Volga Beer, & Zuny Telecom (BE).