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Mobile Vikings - Keep your smartphone smart

Keep your smartphone smart

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Mobile Vikings - at-the-table by DPG Media
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1. Market situation

Mobile Vikings is the king of an empire of data-hungry 'digital lovers'. More specifically, half of Mobile Vikings' customer base consists of:

  • A very demanding and volatile group of tech-savvy users aged 18-34
  • Considered pioneers in the use of digital applications
  • Who naturally consume a lot of mobile data.

However, this group only represents only 5% of the Belgian telco-market. Turning us into the king of a niche.


How could we grow out of the niche and become king of the switch? We needed new territory to conquer and be twice as strong against the ruling powers.

    The more services a customer obtains from the same provider, the less likely he is to switch to another provider. And contrary to the volatility of our core-audience, the Belgians telco-customer likes convenience:
    • 63% of households had telecom services in a bundle
    • 37% of mobile numbers are within a pack (and growing at 11% per year)
    85% of the remaining standalone mobile customer have little or no intention of switching providers:
    • Satisfied with their service
    • Not open to an unfamiliar user experience with another provider
    • 7 in 10 of telecom customers have been customers of their current provider for at least 2 years

    Mobile Vikings does not appear in the consideration set of +66% of consumers: because of its specific advertising style and tariff plans, Mobile Vikings is faced with a misperception that the provider is "not for me but for young people", failing to connect with a majority of the market, who argue that the brand does not suit them.



Broaden the current pool, without alienating the current core target group.


Increasing the intention to change providers.


Clear comprehensibility of our price message and attribution to the brand.

4. Strategy

Nowadays, a commercial break is valued as a welcome distraction to check up on our smartphones and get our entertainment fix. We translated this meta-insight into a campaign that allowed our audience to do what the prefer to do during a commercial break: CHECK THEIR SMARTPHONES.

And we linked this tot he main driver for switching to another formula from a different provider, which is – and always has been – a sharp price message.

5. Results


+33% of respondents claiming to have taken action after seeing the campaign resulting in +56.505 activations (38% above target).

+33% of respondents claiming to have taken action after seeing the campaign resulting in +56.505 activations


+31% daily visits to site, resulting in 64,774 net requests (45% above target)

+31% daily visits to site, resulting in 64,774 net requests


High brand attribution of the campaign in both parts of the country, especially for the 18-34.

High brand attribution of the campaign in both parts of the country

Mobile Vikings
Maarten Raes

Mobile Vikings - Maarten RaesMaarten started his career at Nielsen where he discovered his passion for marketing analytics. He then joined Bacardi-Martini where he would stay for 8 years leading up to the role of Marketing Director at Whisky Northern Europe within the group. In 2017 Maarten joined Mobile Vikings as the Sales & Marcoms Lead, leading the troops with a determination of that of the Gauls opposing to the reigning establishment within the telco-industry.

at-thetable by DPG Media
Jorian Vanvossel

at-thetable by DPG Media - Jorian VanvosselAfter his successive law and communication studies, Jorian started his career as an Academic Researcher with a focus on the written press sector at VUBl. He subsequently earned his strategic stripes on the agency side at These Days Y&R, DDB and Publicis Groupe Benelux. Having regularly worked on the client side as a posted worked - including Telenet and BNP Paribas Fortis - he understands very well how marketing departments work and think. A unique knowledge that he now tries to apply and translate into communication solutions for clients of at-thetable by DPG Media.