Spa Duo: Bruist niet, verrast wel - Spadel | Effie case 2018

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Spadel - Spa Duo: Bruist niet, verrast wel

Spa Duo
Bruist niet, verrast wel

Bronze Effie
Spadel - darwin
Consumer Goods

Spadel - Spa Duo: Bruist niet, verrast wel

Spa Duo
Bruist niet, verrast wel

Bronze Effie
Spadel - darwin
Consumer Goods


SPA is an iconic Belgian brand. With a value share of 22% it is the leader in the water market. But with Private Labels pushing forward, SPA is looking at the adjacent lemonade market for growth.

Heightened health consciousness is pressuring the lemonade market. Consumers are looking for sugar free and natural alternatives. In 2016 SPA replaced its traditional lemonades with SPA FRUIT, a sparkling lemonade with 100% ingredients of natural origin, generating 960K litres in extra volume. Now SPA is looking at the non sparkling lemonade market for additional opportunities.

The declining non sparkling lemonade market is dominated by Private Labels and kid oriented brands like Oasis and Capri Sun. Can SPA make a difference?


Research (WIDE) identifies a group of adult 'conscious pleasure seekers' who are looking for guiltless pleasure and taste. We will bring the SPA brand values of purity and naturalness together with the enjoyment of surprising tastes in SPA DUO. In a product that combines pure SPA water, natural ingredients and great taste, we offer them a healthy low cal solution.


  • Business objectives
    In a non sparkling lemonade market we want to establish a basis for growth: sales of 1.000.000 litres in the period June-December 2017, or a volume market share of 2,5%.
    We want to do this without cannibalising SPA FRUIT, our sparkling lemonade which generated 6,7 Mio litres in 2016.

  • Communication objectives
    • As we launch a new product we want to maximise recognition and attribution, we will benchmark against IPSOS averages and the SPA FRUIT launch in 2016. Our targets: recognition: 45% and attribution: 37%.
    • We want the consumer to understand the new product as non sparkling, natural, surprising taste & low cal; AND foremost as a SPA product.
    • Of course we want to generate sales, therefore we will aim for 50% consideration and 40% purchase intent with SPA users.


  • Communication strategy
    As we introduce a new product for which the promise is rooted in differentiating product attributes, we want to clearly communicate those product attributes and their consumer benefits. As we enter a new segment we will make our message and style relevant for this category. As we do this as part of the great SPA brand, we leverage the values and force of this icon. Launching a new product building reach quickly and proximity to the consumer are key ambitions.

  • Creative strategy
    We will be selling non sparkling lemonade to adults, so we need to develop a new lemonade language. We want to communicate fun and indulgence without becoming childish. We use the combination of two unusual tastes to illustrate the naturalness and the lemonade dynamic. The tagline stresses non sparkling and surprising enjoyment: SPA DUO: bruist niet, verrast wel. SPA DUO: non pétillant, surprenant.

  • Media strategy
    The launch and fmcg requirements resulted in a combination of media which build on each other and which are close to the consumer. The campaign combined TV, OOH, online, POS and sampling.


  • Communication results
    The SPA DUO campaign was seen! Recognition and attribution did better than the ambitious targets and than the SPA FRUIT campaign of 2017.

    SPA Duo recognition and attribution growth

    Qualitative research (IPSOS) showed good decoding of SPA DUO as a new natural SPA product in the non sparkling lemonade market, with surprising tastes and low in calories. Quantitative scores (IPSOS) confirm this:

    New 58
    Non sparkling 83
    Likeable 67
    Enjoyable 45
    Feel good brand 42
    Spa story 31
    Only Spa can do this 29

    Great consideration and purchase intent scores (IPSOS) build the foundation for sales:

    Consideration and purchase intent SPA Duo in %

    And our SPA DUO campaign helped the overall SPA lemonade purchase intent
    (IPSOS brand tracker):

    Consideration, purchase intent & usage SPA Duo & SPA Fruit in %

  • Business results
    The strong communication scores resulted in business success. We by far surpassed our sales target: SPA DUO sold 2,5 Mio litres instead of the targeted 1 Mio litres, resulting in a market share of 6% io 2,5%.

    The strong communication scores resulted in business success

    What's more, we stopped the decline of the non sparkling lemonade market. The market decline of -9,3% in 2016 was turned into a growth of +2,7% in only 6 months.

    Value (in mio €)

    And importantly, we did not cannibalise on our sparkling lemonade.
    SPA FRUIT sales were even up 5% in 2017.


The campaign performed well with high scores on key variables, resulting in the 6% volume market share and renewed market growth (for 83% attributable to SPA DUO).

An indicator of the effectiveness of the communication is the fact that people who had proven recall scored significantly higher on all key brand attributes (new, non sparkling, natural, low cal, enjoyment, SPA) and sales (recognition, purchase intent) variables than those who did not see the campaign.

Extra volume

Another measure of the effectiveness of the campaign is the ROCI. The SPA DUO launch generated 2,6 times the extra volume of the SPA FRUIT launch in 2016. This with comparable media support (SPA DUO: 3.116.000 € vs SPA FRUIT 3.293.000 €).

Séverine Du Champs

Séverine always worked in marketing and loves brands. She started her professional career at Unilever, where she had the pleasure to work among others on Dove. She also worked in the pharmaceutical segment (OTC) for Novartis for brands like Voltaren.

In 2008, she joined Spadel and its great Belgian brands SPA and Bru. She started on Bru and then lead the SPA marketing team. She makes the SPA brand grow thanks to sharp positioning, innovation, strong communication and activations.

Séverine studied at the Ecole de Commerce Solvay, she lives in Uccle with her partner and 2 kids.

Spadel - Séverine Du Champs

Hannelore Van Cauwenberghe

Hannelore has worked in advertising since the beginning of her career. She considers herself lucky, having the best job in the world: being able to work in 10 different industries simultaneously and only experience the fun side of them. She joined darwin in 2001 and hasn't left since. She puts all her energy in brands such as Spa, Come a Casa, BinckBank, Lexus, VLAM…

Hannelore studied Romance Philology and Vlerickschool for Management at the UGent. She lives in Leuven with her husband and kids.

Darwin - Hannelore Van Cauwenberghe