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Telenet - Allez-y encore et encore

Allez-y encore et encore
avec WIGO de telenet

Silver Effie
Telenet - TBWA en collaboration avec PHD

Telenet - Allez-y encore et encore

Allez-y encore et encore
avec WIGO de telenet

Silver Effie
Telenet - TBWA en collaboration avec PHD


The past 5 years the Flemish telecom market evolved towards maturity. Bundling and multiplay have proven to be effective for all the players. Meanwhile, Telenet, as a leader in 3P and 4P bundles, has to face strong pressure both from high and low level competition.
At the same time, the focus on attracting new customers results in a friction among existing customers who feel they were overpaying for their current telco services and additionally feel they are paying for products they don't need.

Digital and mobile behavior becomes an integral part of daily family life. Families buy more telco services per household and have more connected devices than ever. The line between fixed and mobile services no longer exists in the consumer's perception.

Even though the consumer's use of media has changed, the category fails to catch up with the right offering. The bundled offerings approach didn't answer families greater need for piece-of-mind. That is why Telenet has decided to create an innovative product that would answer consumers' real needs and budget constraints.


Telenet launches WIGO, the first all-in proposition for families. WIGO include unlimited voice, unlimited SMS, a generous bucket of mobile data that can be shared between family members, fast Internet and digital TV. WIGO comes in 3 tiers depending on the amount of mobile data included. Instead of a set of combined offers, Telenet creates a single offer with various capacities to adjust to the different needs of families.

Thanks to WIGO, Telenet is able to do good for the Telenet brand and at the same time manages to do a lot of good for families who have long been disappointed with the category.

WIGO is a product that changed the rules of the game in the category. Telenet made sure its customers feel the difference. That is why they create a world where barriers are taken away. A world in which families feel unstoppable. What do we mean by the feeling of being unstoppable? Remember the feeling of running downhill? Or the feeling of cycling with tailwind? Well, that's the feeling of being unstoppable. And the feeling of WIGO. The bold statement had it continuation in the visual part of the communication. Pop art and street art inspired words broke typical visual convention of telco.

To assure successful roll-out we organized the communication around 3 communication layers:

  1. Building Awareness
    Through above the line touchpoints using the freshly designed WIGO offer name
  2. Creating Relevance and Understanding
    With the use of print, radio, digital clear explanation of the construction of the all-in offer.
  3. Creating Value Perception
    Fully digital layer focused on generating conversations around the product

Additionally, 1-to-1 communication to existing customers was used to kick-off the launch of WIGO, and accelerate the adoption rate and generate positive word-of-mouth in the existing customer base. A higher focus is placed on 3P and 4P customers since their need is highly aligned with the offered product values of WIGO.


WIGO case is about doing good for Telenet while doing good for families. Through communication, Telenet is able to create higher awareness and relevance compared to the benchmark. Telenet was able to increase its revenues by offering families more value. Families get piece of mind, change the way they look at telco and how they buy telco services. Telenet can tap into that change to make more business. Moreover, the WIGO campaign generates a clear positive spill over on the Telenet brand.

Maarten Vanthemsche

Maarten Vanthemsche began his career at the Telenet Group in September 2012 where he was responsible manager for the Go-to-Market of Mobile. Afterwards, he executed various positions as Go To Market Director, first in Mobile, later also in Retail & Customer Experience and now in Fixed and Mobile Connectivity.

Prior to joining the Telenet Group, he performed almost 5 years of experience at Unilever, where he started as Brand Manager Knorr Soup Belgium and was regularly promoted until he became Marketing Manager for the Belgian Savoury Foods market.

He started his bachelor studies in Marketing after which he obtained a Master of Business Economics at VLEKHO Business School in Brussels.

Telenet - Maarten Vanthemsche

Gunther Van Lany

After obtaining a Master in Communication sciences at the Free University of Brussels, Gunther started out as an Account Executive in 1994.

He co-founded a direct marketing agency later and worked for several authoritative communication agencies in Belgium such as BBDO, LG&F, TBWA Group & He worked as Client Service Director for clients such as Nissan, Unilever and many more.

As his expertise was really making a difference on a strategic level, he soon became Strategic Director for several big clients such as Telenet. Making clients grow, using our disruptive way of thinking is his specialty.

TBWA - Gunther Van Lany