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Dove Men + Care Launch

Dove Men+Care

Bronze Effie
Unilever & Strategie
(Gedragsverandering -
Korte Termijn

Dove Men + Care Launch

Dove Men+Care

Bronze Effie
Unilever & Strategie
(Gedragsverandering -
Korte Termijn


Despite having lower penetration figures compared to the female deodorants and shower gels markets, more and more men use 'for men' deodorants and shower gels. Skin care propositions account for 35% sales of the male deodorants and shower gels markets and are strongly growing over the last years, providing Dove a clear growth opportunity as wel.

Even though Dove has historically focused on skin care for women, many men already used and trusted Dove Women products and consider Dove to be an expert in skin care. With that trusted heritage in skin care, built on moisturization and care, Dove launched a range of male deo's and showers gels called
Dove Men+Care (DM+C) in mass retail, offering superior cleansing and antiperspirant protection without leaving skin feeling irritated, rough or dry.

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  1. Value Shares
  2. Penetration
  3. Repeat purchase for both DM+C deo's and shower gels


  1. Build Awareness of Dove Men+Care range.
  2. Build conviction and credibility by positioning DM+C as the true expert in skin comfort for
    shower and deo for men in men's mind.
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At first glance, DM+C range could be perceived as a kind of me-too product towards Nivea Men, which has arrived too late. As a result we had to find a new communication angle that differs from already- existing skin care offers. Since consumer data showed us that over 38% of men keep experiencing skin irritation and/or skin dryness from using deodorants and shower gels for men, we decided to leverage our USP:
skin comfort. But we also knew that catching men 35+ attention for products belonging to a relatively low-involving market would also require a more emotional hook in order to make DM+C compelling and appealing to the.

As a result the aim of our creative strategy consisted in leveraging target audience insights around the journey men 35+ have taken to arrive at being comfortable with who they are, emotionally, and - thanks to Dove Men+Care - also functionally. As a result, the juxtaposition of the comfort men have reached in their life with that in their personal care regime opened the door to making skin comfort a key factor in their personal car.

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We built our media strategy & phasing on the 2 main communication objective.

Create awareness: announce phase. Targeting men to make the male brand relevant to them, but also ensuring we covered the female shoppers. In this phase, we used media which would build up quick and massive reach and would also allow us to present the main product benefits (skin comfort). This phase included TV, outdoor, Print & digital. It mainly used the international creative supplied by our international brand development team. Build superiority: the convince phase. Targeting specifically men to engage them and stimulate dialogue. In this phase we focused on frequency and wanted to enter into the affinity space of men, as well as promoting trial. This phase included TV special formats, Digital and Sampling. Here we looked for creative and cost efficient ways to adapt the international creative assets to local relevant messages and the local contex.

Announce phase (December 2009 – July 2010)
TV: classical DM+C deo and shower spots to create quick mass awareness around each DM+C segment Since mass awareness was one of our key communication targets, we decided to invest in TV, a cost-efficient way to maximize DM+C reach in a relatively short period of time. We used the two 30" spots for
Deo & Showe.

Outdoor: DM+C products as 'hero' to build the Masterbrand awareness We used outdoor in the launch phase to complement the light TV viewers, and create a big impact out of home, knowing that our target is very mobil.

Print (dailies and magazines): DM+C products as 'hero' to build the Masterbrand awareness In print we combined both dailies (to cover both targets), and weeklies/monthlies (to cover specifically males.

Digital: recruit additional male users through that important media channel for men 35+ Internal media studies have showed that digital consumption is important among men 35+. To create awareness in this medium, we invested in catchy homepage take-over of high traffic web sites that we rebranded into the look&feel of DM+C. By clicking on those banners, consumers would land on where they could find more info about DM+C range and got an e-coupon to try it for fre.

Convince phase (March 2010 – November 2010)
TV partnership: build engagement and local affinity
When men 35+ consume TV, they do so in a very selective way. Actually they are quite fanatic and regular viewers of certain programs. We were therefore in search of local media opportunitiesthat would drive emotional affinity for Dove Men+Care and maximise 'sharing' and 'talkability.

We convinced the main Flemish TV station to develop together with Dove Men+Care a new integrated format of TV sponsorship. We created a combi-trailer which takes the codes from the DM+C deo TV, combined with shots from new TV series, all translated into the DM+C look&feel. Those new "broadcasting slots" enabled us to improve the impact of our ATL messaging and to reduce significantly the potential irritation of TV watchers that hate TV Ad break.

Digital TV (iDTV): leverage Father's Day to turn your female Dove lovers into strong ambassadors
We wanted to provide our female target group with entertainment and personalized "enabler" experience around a relevant topic related to the father of their children, our product end users. Our communication scheme encouraged women to offer "skin comfort" to their men by getting DM+C products for free for Father's Day. At the end of female Dove TVC, female viewers were incited - through TV tags - to press the red button of their TV remote-control in order get a personal voucher giving them a DM+C gift pac.

Sampling: convince by trial We set up sampling programs, distributing mini deodorants and mini shower gels. These were handed out at male "junctions" it being the exits of business parks & main traffic roads. We also sampled more than 20.000 litters shower gels through partnerships with 200+ fitness centre.

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  1. 2010 Value Shares in both deo men and shower men were above expectation:

    % Product Share in Value - Food&Drug (Total BE) 2009 2010 2010 Target
    DM + C Deo (vs Total Deo Men) 0,9 8,7 6,9
    Niveau Men Deo (vs Total Deo Men) 23,4 20,9 na
    DM + C Shower (vs Total Shower Men) 1,7 14,8 12,7
    Nivea Men Shower (vs Total Shower Men) 15,9 15,0 na

  2. 2010 actuals of trial were above targets:
    • DM+C deo achieved 6,9% absolute penetration (versus target at 5%)
      = 321.264 households.
    • DM+C shower achieved 4.8% absolute penetration (versus target at 2,4%)
      = 223.488 households.
  3. DM+C deo/shower also outperformed % repeat purchase targets (40%+ actuals).
Results and effects of the communication
  1. Both Spontaneous Awareness (30% actuals) and Aided Awareness (63% actuals)
    figures overachieved targets.
  2. The targeted Millward Brown brand attributes related to product performance and
    skin care benefits of Dove Men+Care scored relatively higher than the category average.
  3. Through media Post-View, we observed strong scores on all the measurements that build and/or strengthen brand image. More specifically the brand appeal and the delivery of relevant information achieved outstanding results.
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Melanie Meskers (°22/07/1973)

De Nederlandse Melanie Meskers haalde een Master in Business Administration (Erasmus University Rotterdam). Al sinds 2000 is ze werkzaam bij Unilever.
De eerste zeven jaar was dat bij Unilever Nederland, waar ze in sneltreinvaart de ladder beklom: van Account Manager Ahold via Brand Manager Deodorants tot Marketing Manager Adrelon en vervolgens Marketing Manager Personal Car.

Sinds 2007 is Meskers op Benelux-niveau Marketing Director Home & Personal Car.

Melanie Meskers

Ward Paumen (°12/01/1970)

Ward Paumen behaalde een master toegepaste economische wetenschappen (optie Marketing) en ging daarna aan de slag aan adverteerderskant. Hij werkte gedurende een kleine tien jaar bij AB-Inbev, Carrefour en vooral HP Bulmer Ltd (nu overgenomen door Heineken- Carlsberg), waar hij opklom tot Brand Marketing Manager binnen de headquarters in het Verenigd Koninkrij.

Sinds 2003 is hij aan de slag bij Strategie, eerst als Senior Account Manager,
nu als Account Directo.

Ward Paumen